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Partridge Farm, Linley Estate, Shropshire
15-16 September 2023

Everything you need to know if you're joining us at MRFFC

Travel details & driving instructions, dietary & accessibility requirements & information about the site for camping & accommodation

The Conference

15-16 September
9 am

The conference is all about our region and how we can create a regenerative and resilient food future here in the Marches. We have lined up a great programme which brings together people engaged nationally and locally on the key issues facing how we grow, process, sell, share and eat healthy, nutritious food. 


There will be opportunity for dialogue and debate with thought leaders and local people involved right along the food system, ranging from big picture policy and practice to local food strategies and action. There will be deep dive sessions on everything from seeds to livestock management, from increasing soil fertility, building closer supply chains and collective small-scale mixed farming. Practical workshops will provide hands-on experience with a wide range of skills, from measuring nutrient density to on-farm mapping, from composting to getting set up on Open Food Network.


The focus throughout is on localization and coming together to:

  • Re-imagine our food future

  • Explore how we can collaborate and coordinate actions

  • Create networks & carve alliances where we can work together, building a community for food and farming regeneration that is tailored to our region.


Our Collaboration hub will provide a dedicated space to connect with others, share ideas and make sure you are part of shaping how we move forward.


Wonderful local food will be available from SGFP members, with a wide range of options including an evening BBQ with top local chefs. There will be music, poetry and a fireside to sit around.

The Conference


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