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Partridge Farm, Linley Estate, Shropshire
15-16 September 2023
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The Conference

15-16 September

The whole team of the Shropshire Good Food Partnership would like to say a huge thank you to all who came to the first ever Marches Real Food and Farming Conference. Special acknowledgement goes out to our gracious hosts at Partridge Farm and the Linley Estate, as well as our sponsors. 


This initiative was all about our region and how we can create a regenerative and resilient food future here in the Marches. It brought together people engaged nationally and locally on the key issues facing how we grow, process, sell, share and eat healthy, nutritious food. 

The legacy of MRFFC will play out across fields and tables across the Marches. In due course, The Shropshire Good Food Partnership will be sharing the findings from the Collaboration Hub along with the People's Assembly, which closed out the event. This report will be a powerful tool to not only connect people and projects across the Marches for a more joined up approach, but it will help us to make a case for food system change that has been co-created by those working directly in the food system.


The focus throughout the conference was on localization and coming together to:

  • Re-imagine our food future

  • Explore how we can collaborate and coordinate actions

  • Create networks & carve alliances where we can work together, building a community for food and farming regeneration that is tailored to our region.


If you joined us at MRFFC, we'd love to know what you'd like to see at a future MRFFC event: Contact 

The Conference
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